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Warehouse Racking System


  • Static Storage System 
    conventional type of storage racking for medium or heavy duty requirements. It can be laid out in single and double side runs with flexibility in height & depths of the load. Easy to install, easy to adjust the levels and extension at anytime is possible by means of additional frames and beams. Most common types of dismountable racking are:
    - Long span (Light Duty) & Mezzanine System
    - Medium & Heavy Duty Pallet Racking
    - Heavy Duty Pallet Racking with Mezzanine
    - Drive-in Racking




  • Mobile Racking System
    A compact type of racking system that comprises units of conventional racking mounted on a steel framed base. The base is a diagonally braced structure, below which two frameworks, with direct drive electric motors. The wheels run along a track set into the floor rails which are laid at the same time the floor is being prepared or in a rail channel where warehouse have an existing concrete flooring.



  • Features of Mobile Racking System:
    » Simple storage system for warehouse
    » Less space for aisle (80-300% savings in space)
    » Increase utilization for pallet position till 200%
    » Increase the capacity without any cost to build or rent a new warehouse
    » Full control of goods even on valuable items as each bay can be locked depending on the operational system




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