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Office Archive System


 Sort and organize office files by the use of different filing system. Office files can be organized depending on the sizes of documents (A4 size, legal size, full escape, etc.) through box files, flat files, horizontal & vertical hanging files, envelopes and the like.   
  • Static Shelving
    Designed to compliment any environment for libraries, offices, hospitals, bookshops, etc. This system is available in different sizes to suit any different types of storage requirements. It is easy to assemble (either in a single or double row), shelves are adjustable. The whole system is made of steel and epoxy powder finished but you can have it designed to blend with your room design by having side panels covered with MDF ply.
  • Mobile Shelving
    The modern and the most economical way of archiving system for modern offices, banks, and all other users who want to have a systematic and comfortable method of keeping their records. This dynamic type of shelving system is a suitable solution for saving of space over the regular static shelving. The system eliminates the need for multiple aisles and replaces them with additional shelving units that increase the archive capacity. Application of mobile shelving system saves up to 40% in the space available, in other words the capacity is maximized around 80% in the same space.
  • Type of Mobile Shelving:
    Manual –a modern system of filing manually driven and operated. A rotating handle is fixed on the side of each bay to manually move each unit or simultaneous number of units.
    Electrical – possess all the specifications of a manual mobile system but electrical power is used for the movement of each unit or simultaneous number of units.
    Intelligent – the same with electrical mobile system and equipped with special features like light barrier, advance micro controllers and can be connected to the computer and the archive software can be used.
  • Carousel
    A computer controlled storage system with simple operation but with high accuracy. File storage are programmed for systematic storage & retrieval in an optimum space. System is also safe as there is no need for the aisles or ladders to climb.


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