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Museum Storage System

Kara Art Storage System provide storage solutions and gives art for the storage and preservation of valuable art works and artifacts. Whether mobile or fixed system, the products in our range of high-density storage solutions were designed to ensure careful preservation of art works. Systems such as compact, modular, double-sided panels and cabinets can systematically keep and provides easy access to valuable and precious artworks & artifacts    
  • Mobile & Pull-out Frame/Tableau
    Storage specially designed for paintings, framed art works, carpets, etc. in a minimum space requirement. The system preserves the art works in a sliding art panel made of a metallic mesh providing necessary ventilation to the items. Easy access gives complete protection to the art works that are individually hanged in the sliding art panel. Each sliding panel is mounted on the floor and equipped with handle and individual lock.
  • Mobile Shelving for Artifact Collection
    A storage system designed to preserve & conserve collections of artworks of different sizes and shapes like dresses, shoes and other artifact collections. These museum shelving maximize the capacity of storage space as it eliminates aisles in between bays while maintaining total and free access to all items needing preservations. As the system is compressed and locked, stored objects are more secured.
  • Drawer Cabinets
    Customized and designed to store a vast array of precious and valuable small type artifacts like, jewels, coins, specimen, stones, ancient maps. The drawers are sliding type with full horizontal surface to hold the collector’s items and protect the risk of bending or damages in the cases of maps.
  • Flat Files
    Specially designed for standard and oversized flat artworks like maps, prints, sheets.
  • Static & Mobile Long Span Racks
    A computer controlled storage system with simple operation but with high accuracy. File storage are programmed for systematic storage & retrieval in an optimum space. System is also safe as there is no need for the aisles or ladders to climb.
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