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Library Shelving


 Kara Library Shelving is a multi-functional shelving design to organize & classify books, magazines, maps, collection of references and ideal for academic, public & legal libraries and corporate applications. It gives the benefit of optimum solution as the shelving is tailored made according to end users available space.    
  • Static Shelving
    Traditional shelving with adjustable shelves to fit different sizes of books. Adjustable dividers are also available to keep the books not to fall down on the side.
  • Display Book Shelves
    Shelving equipped with stand holder to display books and magazines.
  • Static Shelving with sliding shelves
    Specially designed for spread sheets like news papers, maps and oversized books. Sliding shelves are specially designed with ventilation for proper care of the books.
  • Mobile Shelving
    Space saving system that maximizes the space for book storage. The system require only single aisle attained by moving one unit or simultaneous units
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