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 Business development in UAE prompts the visionary minds of owner of the company to organize KARA TRADING CO. LCC in 1996 in Dubai. The company started to trade on shelving, machinery and industrial equipment. For several years in trading, the company’s range of products is reduced and was finally concentrated only into the storage systems both for offices & warehouses. The company caters to the end users of U.A.E. and GCC countries such as government ministries, banks, universities, hospitals, hotels, offices, warehouses stores and other private and governmental organizations. The company also deals with contractors, interior designers and decorators to be a partner in existing projects they have or the company itself has on hand.
Because of great demand in the supply of storage systems due to rapid growth of development both in commercial and industrial area  in  UAE  and neighboring countries, the owners of Kara Trading Co. LLC decided to have its own factory in U.A.E. in the name of Kara Industrial Group Fzc was organized in SAIF Zone, Sharjah, U.A.E. on Nov. 2005. The company closed a lease contract for the factory and secures an industrial license to fabricate steel products and shelving systems. All the company’s operation now is centralized in the new factory for the company to perform a high quality services to clients that is from sales, production, and installation and after sales services. The company’s present set-up motivates the owners & employees to work professionally and makes the vision of the company come into realization.
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